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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rambling Onnnnn....

Hey hey hey... I'm back! Been away toooo long! Hold on while I clear away the cobwebs ... Shoo shooo..Ewww  I hate spiders! ;p Soooooooo, what's the catalyst for my sudden return to my cobweb infested blog??? Havent u  notice by now that there's ALWAYS a reason!!! If not then you must be new but then who actually reads my bla bla bla blog anyway! HAHAHA.. Okay here's the thing... I'm BORED! Yep that's as good a reason as any... SHEER BOREDOM! And since I'm also a world class procrastinator... here i am when I actually have tonnes of report to do!! HAHA .. hold on! for those who's wondering whether i'm back at work, weeeellll not exactly! More like being a human 7 Eleven! Open 24 hours and everything under 1 roof .. ;p Haha.. been doing a lot of free lancing work actually. Which mostly entails me doing what all women loooove... SHOPPING! But alas shopping as an occupation not as much fun after a while especially when it's all make believe and none you can keep! Hmmmm... another thing I do is freelancing at KLPAC as part of the FOH, now that's kinda interesting coz I get to meet a lot of new people.. Good place to recondition me back to my old self.. Getting out of the shadows and getting on with life. Made me realised how I missed being out and about.. and a thing that I never realised because it has always been a part of my previous jobs is that I LOVE dealing with people though I'm actually kinda shy or is it self conscious...?!?? and depending on the mood and the person I'm with, may take time to warm up into my crazy self. ;)  I did know that I love watching people, what I call Eye Mo or cuci mata but dealing with people has always been part and parcel of my work and now that it's no longer a job description, I realised that I do LOVE dealing with people especially when it's in a different context now. I don't want anything from them, they're not a sale that i need to close, there's no ticking target that make's meeting people a number's game. It's refreshing when you're there JUST to serve and to help, no angle, no target hanging over your head. Being in a new environment is also refreshing because I'm open to new things, new people, new & different thinking which honestly is what I appreciate most. And like all things in life, the ying and the yang, the pro and the cons... it does has it's downside. Which surprisingly is more dominant here compared to when i was in corporate line. Though funnily enough my last company was steep deep in it.. Hmmm.. which was a knife in the back, an eye opener and a valuable life lesson. And has given me the hindsight to what seems to be brewing around me now. Yep, everything does happen for a reason! Haha you must be thinking what am I rambling about.. but i'll get into that some other day.. Point is I'm slowly but surely finding myself again..getting back my confidence or is it my cockiness ;p I just haven't found my footing yet.. where to put my grip. Would love to venture into the creative industry, been a offered a couple of times BUT... hmmm tat's a different story for a different time. I think best to focus on building back myself first...brick by brick. layer by layer. Wish Me Luck..Wish Me Strength and Wish Me Wisdom... Adios 

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