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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Intuitive Music Programming & My Journey To Self

Hey hey hey... Do you know that this page is actually from a blog. You can see my previous postings underneath. I have never published this page.. until today! Hence the zero followers... 😬 and today I'm putting it out there for a good reason... to share with all of you about Intuitive Music Programming. (IMP) If you wanna know what IMP is check out

What I can tell you is that it has touched my life and opened me up to take a Journey To Self..It all started after I decided to take a chance and reached out to a complete  stranger for guidance. That stranger is Melissa Indot. If you don't know of her, you should! She's a very talented , versatile lady with a big heart. I've only ever seen or spoke to her once during one of her gig. At the time, my friend wanted to take a picture with her. I would never have imagined how much she would eventually affect my life!

I followed her first on FB

The post that she shared about her life and how she deals with it, caught my attention.. It resonate with me and I wanted to know more..I was curious. I actually asked her about it and surprisingly she replied. And that's how it all started.

I then followed her on IG

Her posts and poems on IG really touched me and I was keen to learn from her.. and so again I reached out, this time directly asking if she could HELP ME! Wow...Asking a total stranger!!! But what the heck,  I needed change..and I needed help. I actually have nothing to lose..BECAUSE she's a stranger. She couldn't judge me! She's a neutral party.

From there is how I got to know about the Forgive Focus Forward (FFF) Workshop..the foundation workshop for IMP. It was the first ever workshop that is not work related, but was ME related. I nearly didn't go, to be honest. I tried to back out last minute but Melissa wouldn't let me.. She manage to somewhat smooth away my fears and apprehension. Besides it was really last minute.

And you know what??? Thank God she did stopped me and convinced me to go. Attending Forgive Focus Forward Workshop was one of the best decision I've ever made. Life changing!!! Eye opening... Self opening... you really gotta give it a try if you get the chance.

Melissa is not always here in Malaysia, She's helping to change more lives by sharing IMP with more people all around the world.. She just did her workshop in the US and will be going back there again for more. But before she goes.. grab this chance to take your own journey to Self. You deserve this gift! Attend the workshop..for YOU!

Go on click the  link for more info:

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Intuitive Music Programming - Forgive Focus Forward Workshop

The FORGIVEFOCUSFORWARD workshop is an inspiring introduction to Intuitive Music Programming (IMP), a beautiful, powerful system that uses music as a vehicle to facilitate in returning to living the life of your dreams with ease and grace ❤✨
INTUITIVE MUSIC PROGRAMMING (IMP) is impactful yet subtle in the way that it supports a seamless, gentle yet powerful journey of self awareness that is empowering and uplifting.

Tired of making unrealistic promises to yourself for change that you know subconsciously you’re not going to keep?
Are you ready to realise your full potential by living harmoniously in a rhythm of life that is authentically You?

Here is a unique opportunity to experience a powerful and deep transformational modality that supports a conscious path to discover your Truth, using music as a vehicle. You will embark on a journey that is explorative, expressive, compassionate and empowering.

We all respond to music. Vibrationally it is a powerful tool for transformation. 
Intuitive Music Programming or IMP uses the power of music to evoke your ability to vibrate and therefore feel. 
The IMP worshop now available is FORGIVE.FOCUS.FORWARD.

It provides a orchestral landscape that safely allows your mind and ego to stand aside while you connect with the energy of your Creator, Source, Light and your absolute Truth without the use of labels or judgements. 

From this neutral space, you are supported in :

Releasing all that no longer serves you from the past, allowing you to consciously clear the slate and start afresh
This effortless and renewed clarity provides a strong foundation to establish and recognise your goals; your Truth.
This grounded platform is the spring board from which you will be propelled into the fulfilling and purposeful life that you have been waiting for.

IMP opens a portal to another realm of existence that allows your soul to re-align you so you can Forgive what is past; creating space for you to Focus on your truth; allowing you to move Forward towards creating it.

Forgive.Focus.Forward is the IMP Foundation workshop which facilitates fearless exploration, expression, expansion and empowerment, leaving individuals open to and ready for limitless possibilities.


Friday (inclusive of Registration time) - 9:00am  - 5pm
Saturday & Sunday - 9:30am - 5pm 


Fee : RM1,750
Payment link :

Please book early to reserve your place as groups are limited to a maximum of 8 pax


Please contact me should you prefer to make payment via online banking

Friday, December 9, 2016

Looking For A Job???

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