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Friday, December 9, 2016

Looking For A Job???

Attention Peeps!
Know anyone that's looking for a job? is looking to hire more talents for our Operation Department! Help us to spread the news... is looking for someone with a great personality who wants to make a difference through their work to join our team! We run the Best Swimming School in Malaysia Specializing in helping student with water phobia, leisure swimming & advance water survival skills.
We strive to be the BEST EMPLOYER in the industry, we provide practical training to enhance your skills to perform better on your job & lead a rich & fruitful personal lives, platform to maximize your skills & talent, various sponsorship, free snacks, free enjoyment of sports facilities, great positive & high learning culture.
We strive to be one of the highest paid & fast growing careers in the industry, having coaches paid more than 5 figures in less than 1 year, admin & operation staff review salary 3-4 times a year, multiple months bonus, you'll see some of our team taking break for a week's rejuvenation trip & coming back to fight 12-16 hours a day, all at our own initiative. This is how we grow extremely fast, & if how we operate excites you. We'd like to meet you too! Call us now for an interview at 016-3280505

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