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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birthday Poem For Tiara

Woot Woot! Guess what.. today is my mentor, my idol, my inspiration's birthday! None other than Tiara Jacquelina of course... first thought was to send her flowers but then seeing as I'm currently broke, tat's a NO-NO. Next thought was to bake her favourite cup cakes which is the red velvet! Which if  I may say so myself... I do make a damn delicious strawberry red velvet cup cakes! But then ai yooooo.. shy la, she's a foodie and have had the best of everything, too intimidating la. my frosting would have melt just from the anticipation.. LOL.. anyway I might reserve tat for some other time when I'm more prepared.. so finally my third thought was to write her a poem of course.. my old found love for poetry writing. WooHooo my first time writing a poem about or for Tiara. Hahaha.. come to think of it now.. the poem is kinda kiddie really.. like something a school girl would write... HAHAHA! but then tat was as far as my creative juice would flow at tat moment... anyway my poems are usually about heartache & emotions... so tis is kinda my first "happy" poem.. LOL... I guess it'll do.. it's done & sent anyway... hope she likes it! It may not be much of a gift but it did came from the heart.. which is what I can afford right now.. but hey... it's one of a kind & something that money can't buy.. & hopefully the thought of it can relay to my mentor of my appreciation, gratitude & love for her much more than any expensive gift or a  temporary beautiful bouquet of flowers could ever do.. well fingers crossed or as my friend Zaza prefers me to use.. open palm! Haha.. Ok then.. here's the poem, have a feel... :)

Happy Birthday Gorgeous Tiara J

Gorgeous Tiara J 
It's your birthday
Be blessed in every way
It's your special day

Hap Hap Happy Birthday
Gorgeous Tiara J
A special wish on your big day
A beautiful soul in every way

Hap Hap Happy Birthday
Gorgeous Tiara J
Keep Shining Bright
Our Star, Our Champion of Art <3  ( last part, I just edited and add the Our Star)

~Lili Yusoff

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