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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Self Defense.....

Self Defense... should be good to learn for ladies right, especially nowadays???... my thought exactly. Well with tat in mind, I enrolled myself in the latest game in town.. MUAYFIT. It's suppose to be a gym to learn muay thai (thai kickboxing) but wats different is tat they also offer self defense class specialising in Krav Maga and Systema. (israelli self defense tactic) Anyway the Nov promotion is only RM88 per month for all classes, why not give it a try..

So, on Thursday the 2nd Dec, I went for my first class. It was suppose to be Systema but the trainers went back to Thailand so they replace it with Urban Warriors, a Phllipine knife based self defense tactic. It was a 2 hours session and honestly I had a great time for 1 hour and 50 mins until tragedy strikes..... Jeng jeng jeng..  the trainers taught us on how to use a knife to defend ourselves from knife attackers or robbers. Weapon vs weapon. and so with every new tactic, we would then practice with a partner. Well the first 2 partners were great.. and we had great fun. I was actually feeling as I was in my teenage days while sparring in Taekwondo. Adrenaline coursing through the veins as sweat running down the body.. it was bliss.  And then..  the final 10 minutes with a new partner. A tall singh guy with long arms and long legs.. nothing wrong with that at all..  except tat this guy is hyper from the get GO.. we're all just suppose to be having fun practicing the  tactics but this guy was dead serious on it.. but hey I'm cool.. blow for blow though it wasn't easy when his limbs are much much longer but I managed.. I guess he just got carried away and gave me a right hook right in the eye.. which of course I didn't expect since its not part of the training. Hey if we're really doing an actual sparring then fine.. but come on it's just tactics training... Idiot! On top of that, because I was barefoot and jumping around trying to out manoeuvre the idiot, the uneven mat split open my right foot.  And tat's what happen on my final 10 minutes of self defense class. Turns out I needed the defend in the class not out of it. I went in whole, I came out with a bruised eye and a self defense anyone..????  HA ha ha..

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