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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ever heard of Broga??? Well if you haven't then I'm not alone.. he he.. Honestly I have only heard of the name this past 2 months.. and that's from a futsal buddy.. Anyway the last fortnight, I have had the pleasure of going there myself. And it was amazing. Well for those who don't know or haven't been there, then let me enlighten you... Broga or Broga Hill is situated near Semenyih, about 40 minutes from KL. ( depending on ur driving...) It can be reached a short distance after the Nottingham University, where the entrance trails starts from an oil palm estate facing a rabbit park across the road... Its actually a place for hiking and for taking lots and lots of pictures coz the view from the hill is spectacular. You can actually see the towns below plus the lush green rain forest with the nearby mountains as backdrops.. And if u go there early enough.. You can catch the sunrise.. 
Me and my friends, we went on a sunday. Surprising to me.. there were lots of people old and young.. It was 5.30am and it was pitch dark. Had to carry a torchlight to see the way. The hike I suppose was relatively easy depending on how fit you are.. there are a few steep hill that u need to climb but nothing that u can't conquer with enough huffing and puffing.. Anyway the trails are pretty easy to follow and chances of getting lost is pretty slim. There's only one way and that's UP!!!  There are 3 peaks all together so you decide on how many to conquer.. The trick is to just take your time.. Enjoy the climb. Unless of course your goal is to catch the sunrise, then better make an early start or you just might turn blue from the extra huffing and puffing..  (just joking k..) he he.. And the best part is that you get to pose for tons of pictures while conquering... huff puff SMILE huff puff SMILE.. he he
All in all it was a great and memorable experience.. If forest gump was to say that life was a box of chocolate well then let me say that life is Broga.. it's a journey and a climb where you have to conquer yourself first before you can conquer your goals.. and when you do, the reward at the end of that climb i.e journey i.e top is AWESOME!!!!  Its all worth it in the end....just think, once you conquered Broga then whats to stop you from conquering bigger and mightier Brogas out there.. Mount Kinabalu anyone.???!  ;-)


  1. what a cool experience. I enjoy hiking but don't go nearly as often as I'd like too. the mountain top is breathtaking!

  2. Yeah it was cool.. grueling but very rewarding in the end.. Wish I could do it more often too.. ;-)