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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Being active in sport since school days.. I have heard often the expression 'Bench Warmers'..  Thankfully I was never the bearer of such title.. I might not be excellent in all sports, except for Handball, my one true Love but I definitely do not suck in sports.. until NOW..! but hold on.. I'm not saying that I'm a bench warmer.. not yet anyway.. I prefer the term Two left Feet since mostly I'll be using my feet. Usually the term stands for people who can't dance .. well let me use it here as someone who can't really play ball.  And the sport that have somehow brought me to my knees is none other than FUTSAL.. For those who might be clueless about futsal, let me explain briefly in my opinion on what it is...

Futsal is actually a sort of mini football. It's usually played indoor though nowadays there are a lot of outdoor courts as well. And instead of the 10 player and 1 goalie in football, there's only 5 players per team in futsal and that includes the goalie. The court is roughly the size of a basketball court. So with a much smaller playing field.. futsal is really a fast paced game.. STAMINA is crucial because the players does move up and down the court a lot.. Much like being a "sprinter" that not only sprints up and down the court but have to control and steal the ball from the other "sprinter" in the other team, while at the same time trying to score goals!  In a nutshell.. if you have speed of a sprinter with a heart of a marathon runner.. you will be Excellent!! But don't forget another crucial ingredient to being an Excellent player..SKILLS.. Stamina but no skills then might as well stick to being a runner.. Because futsal is a complete skills game. The heavier, smaller and less bouncy ball itself forces the players to depend on their skills to propel the ball forward instead of relying on the ball's bounce. One touch passing is essential in maintaining ball possession  in a smaller surface therefore a player definitely have to have at least a good if not excellent overall ball handling skills.. Bottom line in my opinion if you have the two Ss combined with an excellent team formation and tactics..  You're on your way to being Champs.

There you go..that's Futsal!  And what with the two left feet??? Well.. I suck at it.. BIG TIME!!!  The two Ss... well the first key ingredient, Stamina is definitely out! I think my internal battery is full only for the first 10 or 15 minutes or so then the power starts running low.. a transformation much like the movie Transformer takes place..I transform  from a player  into a train who thinks it could.. Ha ha.. the train starts huffing and puffing .. taking in big chunks of oxygen and puffing out Co2 all over the court.. sob sob.. {sad story :-( } So what about the second ingredient... Skills.  Ha ha.. Usually people would say, take things slow and steady right?? Well..with a background in sports.. I would definitely rate myself as very slow and not so steady.. and the lack of stamina is definitely not helping. Tough really to focus on improving your skills when your main focus is BREATHING...!!! HAhh.. bunch of excuses really.. Honestly for things to change I must be the one to change.. right?.. the 2 Ss are controllable element.. No stamina then get stamina!!! Lack of skills then get yourself a   private coach/mentor, learn it, focus then practise practise practise... The problem lies in ME!! The trick is to Focus..... 

So for anyone out there.. thinking about playing futsal.. Just go ahead and do it... in fact come and join our team.. The Q'win. Exercising in the gym or racquet games may work with effort and time.. But joining a team sport like futsal might give you a better result with much less effort and time..Why? because it is so much fun that it's not an effort at all and time just flies by.. "Time Flies When You're Having Fun"!!  Leave the doubts or misgivings aside.. If someone like me.. with no stamina,  skills and suck at it still loves the game then it's definitely worth a try... ;-)

In ending, I leave you with a metaphor..  Futsal or the game is actually a reminder and a motivator for all of  us about life in every aspects.. by showing us that we need to always set our mind in making that goal no matter who or what that comes at us.. the ball is our life, the goal post and making that goal is the end result. So keep your eye on the ball.. keep it close to you no matter what and get whatever you want in life by making that goal. Remember also that in life we are not alone.. our team mates are the people in our life that will help us make that goal possible.. Its  not a solo game.. all of us need each other to make goals...!!! Ole... ;-)


  1. In my case, I was a 'kaki bangku', not even near to bench warmer heheh...
    Then again, my kind of sport now is carrying and rocking 4 bundles of joy.
    But, Lill, do take care. Don't exert yourself, considering how 'young' we are getting. My brother-in-law played futsal before and he somehow sprained his ankle, thus had a slight fracture. He stopped playing till now.
    Good metaphor, by the way :D

  2. Yeah... WIsh I had your kind of sport.. he he.;-)
    Will take care.. Thx. anyway, my body keeps reminding me always on how young I am.. huhu

  3. excellent in handball


    can u play as a goalkeeper? i need an apprentice ;)

  4. Huda: Muahahaha.. Goalkeeper? I think I need to grow a few inches more right? Arms and legs!!!!!