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Friday, September 30, 2011


Happy Friday everyone... Guess what! Last night was the opening night for THE SECRET LIFE OF NORA (TSLON) at Istana Budaya. And I'm delighted to say ME,MYSELF & I was there.. YESssss.. I've been so looking forward to it for months  and finally the big nite itself.. Waiting anxiously for the curtain to go up..It almost felt like it was my own production.. Hehehe.. Anyway whatever I felt , I bet it's just a tiny fraction of what the cast and crew were feeling especially the one special person who gave birth to the show, the Mummy cum Leading Lady of the show, THE ONE AND ONLY TIARA JACQUELINA.. or TJ as I lovingly call her.. ;-)
Wow.. now don't get me started on TJ,  I absolutely adore and admire her. She's like my mentor, my beacon.. well I did crawl out of my depression for her.. So I'm definitely indebted to her.. Looking at all her achievements so far.. i.e Puteri Gunung Ledang movie & musicals to name a few, I am forever in awe of her and wish that If only I could be just half of the person that she is now.. WOW.. It'll be like I'm walking on water.. ;-D 
Ooops better get back to the topic at hand:  TSLON..  it's a musical that is set in the 60's where the cabaret dancers were the entertainment highlights and the Prima Donna of the time NORA is the essence of Beauty, Glitz and Glamour.. plus her wardrobe is definitely to die for.. ;-) Well, Beauty and Glamour    alone, won't be as much fun without Romance and Mystery with a dash of evil right.. ?! That's where the Dashing  & Charming Ryan Silverman aka Agent Foss  comes in.. hot on the "tail" of Nora.. Ahakss.. Phewwww a hero that is both good looking AND talented.. Phee Wheet... his voice is captivating.. Perghhhh. I tell u.. ;-) .and who's the villain???... it's none other than our homegrown versatile personality Aznil Nawawi aka Mr J. But all seriousnes and only villainy humour??!!! Hmmm..even if the two leads, are God's gorgeous creation & highly gifted, it might just be too hot to handle right??? and will definitely fizzle out fast..  well that's where our multi talented, homegrown, cute   and adorable Adibah Noor aka Khatijah, Nora's manager comes in by injecting bursts of refreshing comic humour  to help fan the flame further into a roaring  fire.. WOW!!! 
In a nutshell, THE SECRET LIFE OF NORA has just the right dose of everything to make it the most  RIVETING, MESMERISING, EXCITING , FUN  & MASTERPIECE of a show that will further fuel Malaysia's  theater scene to a whole new level.. Another Masterpiece to Tiara Jacquelina's  already  impressive achievements.. Congratulations and Tabik Springgggggggggg to u my dearest Idol TJ and to all the casts and crews involve in creating the Masterpiece... And for those who have yet to see the show.. Don't miss out on an experience of a life time... Go for it.. or u'll regret it...  it is the Breaking Of A New Dawn.. ( pinjam dari Twilight... hehehe) . So grab ur ticket at Airasiaredtix ASAP... ticket starts at $30 so no excuse there and shows is only until 16th October. See u there coz I'm gonna go AGAINNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... C ya... ;-)

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