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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love or Obsession???????

Being in Love is heavenly.. it's a wonderful feeling unlike any other.. But how do you know if it's LOVE or OBSESSION?! Love is a beautiful bond between two people.. which requires understanding, compromise, mutual respect and above all TRUST! There are many people who claim that jeolousy or violent acts are done out of love. Truth is Love is a beautiful, giving and trusting action between two people.Obsession on the other hand is an action of one person towards another. A friend of mine said jokingly that to love is to obsess... how true is that? There's a very thin line between the two that unknowingly a lot of people has actually mistaken obsession with love.. why not, since although both are not alike but they do have similarities. So how do you know if someone is really in love with you or merely obsess. How do you know if what you're feeling is LOVE? Well... because I am as confused about the issue as you might be.. I start looking for answers.. and thanks to, that's what I'll be sharing with you.. hopefully answers to the question whether it's LOVE or OBSESSION..!

  • It might be Obsession if you have a constant fear of infidelity with your partner. Always asking where, what, who,etc.etc.. and not trusting the answer given. Well basically a constant fear that the partner will cheat. However if cheating did happen before and because of that there is a trust issue then you need to reevaluate the relationship because without TRUST, love will never survive.
  • Always fearful that your partner will leave you. Being constantly afraid of losing him/her, feeling depressed at the thought and even provoking arguments because of your fear. This should tell you that this is not really love you are feeling.Having the need to be in constant contact with the one you “love” is unhealthy both for you and for him/her. Love is trusting each other without fear of desertion..
  • Constantly thinking about your partner until you can't do anything else. Although, it's perfectly normal to think about your partner while he/she is away from you, constantly thinking about it to the point that you are distracted from everyday tasks could signal obsession. Action like driving by the workplace or home just to see his/her car and endless calling are all signs of obsession.. 

    Well moral of the story... LOVE is something which is good, beautiful & sweet between two people which needs a lot of giving, understanding, compromise, mutual respect and TRUST. Anything else that's opposite of those things and more to a ME ME ME selfish behavior and emotional reactions is definitely OBSESSION.. there you go.. SO ARE YOU IN LOVE or OBSESS???!!  ;-)


  1. mmmm...that has made me thinking..*sigh*

  2. Emmmm... some are not so clear cut..