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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Firstly I'm not trying to say anything bad about anyone... simply wanna share my feelings on the matter.....  What about???? Well... I'm sure everyone has been asked " Are u ok?" by someone before right... countless of times I'm sure.. Either by family, close friends, normal friends, acquaintances, colleagues, Exs..etc.etc.  Well maybe its just me but have you ever notice that when people ask that... how many percent of them really wanna know the answer or the REAL answer.. Most of the time.. its just a matter of courtesy.. the minute the question come out.. the automatic respond would of course be.. I'm Ok.. even when in truth it's not true.. But why is that??!.. Well I don't know about all of you but I can sense whether in their body language or their intonation when someone really wanna know or cares to know the truth or just simply being courteous..( sometimes it's the only thing to say to break the ice for some...) For me personally.. since I'm not much into sharing my feelings.. I would still  give the OK coz then I wont have to go into details.. unless, if I'm already close to exploding, otherwise my mouth is sealed. However it does give me comfort to know that someone actually cares enough to ask.. ;-)))

But that's not the issue here.. The issue is when someone ask you whether ur ok when in fact... they couldn't care  less what the answer might be.. or worst,some just simply keep on talking without even waiting for the answer.. Now you definitely don't need a sixth sense for this group of people.. You know that they don't care. So my question is... WHY ASK??  It just confirms to the rest how selfish and uncaring you are.. So do us all a favor and STOP!!! Another twist of the knife that usually follows the question is Take Care and Keep In Touch ( for those u seldom see)... Hahaha,... really wanna make me laugh out loud (LOL).. Seriously... Are U Kidding Me!!!! The only situation which you would really give a damn is if I suddenly  have a stroke at your feet... Otherwise.. its just Echos.. no substance.. no meaning. So  PLEASE... Stop all this unnecessary acting.. and just say things only when you mean it.. EASY.. SIMPLE.. Why Complicate Life??!!  Cheers.... ;-)


  1. sometimes people ask this q in order to butt into other people's life.. in short being busybody, hoping to get some juicy gossips to be spread about..

  2. True... Showing artificial concern when in fact looking for dirt.... Q is why are they so many of these ARTIFICIAL PEOPLE...? why can't people not be double sided... two face.. ;P