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Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Poem By Me...

Hey hey hey... I'm back... & if u guess tat I'm here to vent then ur half right! It's not so much to vent.. but more to channeling out! ;p... Hmmm.. I have things to express but I don't know how.. Oh, actually I can't! you know what.. I feel like writing a poem.. I used to love doing that in school.. totally forgot how to actually but hey why not try right? No harm eh... I love poem.. always have! :) So check it out.. 


Lonely is the night, my eyes shines bright
Wishing for relief from my plight
Tick tick tick the hands of time
Oh how I Wish I could speak my mind

Tick tick tick, emptiness echoes
Empty is my heart, Empty is my life
Lonely is the night, Lonely is my life
Oh woe Me, nobody knows

Lonely is the day as I sleep it away
Losing myself in dreams of light
Lonely is my life, such fright
Breaks does my heart as dreams fade away

Oh Dear God.. Please give me a break
Wish my life is less fill with plight
Lest my heart continue to break
Alas makes me wanna take flight
Oh what a fright!!! 

~ Lili Yusoff ~

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