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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Don't Quit... :)

Hello there me hearties... FYI if you care to know..My quest for self awareness & self discovery is on course.. the healing process is underway.. it should start speeding up hopefully once I start to fully accept my limitations & start accepting that I can't control everything & to let go of past resentments & to just accept life.. follow the flow so to say. Stop being a perfectionist & stop taking myself & everything so seriously.. in a nutshell.. Lili, you gotta chill babe! I can't please everyone & I gotta stop trying to.. Just BE... be ME! Be the best person that I can be... for Me,Myself & I... not for anyone else! Also, I have to find that little kid again.. that Happy Go Lucky kid that I was before the reality of life suck the joy & goodness out of her and turn her into a cynical adult. Damn I miss her! Well let's correct things bit by bit..layer by layer, emotion by emotion... it's been a long winding road but I'll straighten it soon enough.. even if I don't, I'll make sure to enjoy the journey this time! :)

Anyway.. enough ranting for now. I actually wanted to share a poem that I find very profound & worth sharing. I love poems... used to write em when I was in school, in fact I love writing.. used to even write script back then & be involve in skits but all lost now.. my creative side is all but gone! This blog is but a part of it that I hope to keep alive... Enough said, hope you can take away something that can benefit & enhance your life from the poem.. at least from the title itself... DON"T QUIT!!!  :)

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