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Saturday, January 1, 2011

If Life Deals You Lemons Then Make Lemonades...

2010 has gone and left me...but with what? With a year full of memories, life's sweet and bitter lesson.. For once I am looking forward to the birth of a new year.. For once, I am not cringing thinking of another passing year..  Because finally after 5 long years.. I am able to finally see the light at the end of a very long and winding tunnel which is my life.  I am not just closing the book for 2010 but in actual fact am  closing 5 years of chapters that make up 1 book. 5 years of hardship, turmoil, desperation, misery, life's most bitter lesson with a sprinkling of life's sweet lesson. But if you were to ask me if I regret having to go through the 5 years of emotional roller coaster then I would have to say NO.. Believe it or not.. I thank god that I did fall flat on my face.. that I was actually going through a free fall.. falling and falling one after another.. running out of luck, being cheated left and right, etc.. etc. I'm thankful because it  made me realise and appreciate all the things that I took for granted before. My life in retrospect has always been blessed.. even from small until university,  I have never been lacking in anything. I have always been financially sound.. and when I start work, I'm the fastest to climb the corporate ladder. Like I said, I was blessed and fortunate to be sailing through life comfortably. Well that's how I feel now but looking back, I did take things for granted and the appreciation only came now. Along the way, success has changed me, has spoilt me. Made me forget my obligations, my faith. And that's why I am thankful for the wake up call that god has given me. That's why I have no regrets.. all the material things and comforts that I have lost is nothing compared to finding my way back. Furthermore I'm lucky to have learn the hard lesson now instead of much latter. The fall from a much higher place would have been much harder to survive..

Yes no doubt, life was tough. It's a constant fight to survive.. Always thinking on your feet, finding a way out of tight spots. Going from plan A to Plan B to Plan C.. etc.etc and not surprising of course that by the fifth year which is 2010.. I was very very tired.. mentally and physically.  Trust me when I say that when you need to stand and fight.. mentally you have to be strong and when you're mentally tired then it's almost a losing battle especially if you're alone. Which I was.. ALL ALONE!! Luckily for me my stubbornness cum survival instinct kicks in and I decided to stop being alone and pathetic.  So instead of wallowing in self pity and self despair.. I decided to get back into society.. get back my life, my self worth. That's how I end up joining a futsal team and at the same time reaching out to old friends. Alhamdullillah   from then on, life is much better. And with the help of my best friend, an opportunity opens up for me to turn my life around.. finally. So 2011 is the new book for  my new life.. Insyaallah.

Moral of it all.. believe in the circle of life, sometime you're up and sometime you're down. But never give up. Be patient, stay strong especially mentally. And have faith. Faith is your core.. That's where you get the strength to stand and fight. That's how you know that there will finally be a light at the end of that long winding tunnel that we call our life. Have faith that all things happen for a reason and that it is for a good reason and for your own good. I of all people know how tough life can be.. how low one can fall and how emotionally draining it is.. But I also know that things can change.. the same way that life can turn upside down, it can also right itself again. When? Only God knows that but don't just wait and see.. Look back and analyse what when wrong.. learn the lessons. Repent and reorganize your life. Stay strong and make the best of a bad situation. As the saying goes.. If life deals you lemons then make Lemonades... ;-)

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