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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What to write?

Emmmmm... it's now 3.22am on an early Wednesday morning... As always I have yet to close my eyes.. So here I am on my second attempt at blogging in what is still a work in progress blog!! I'm actually clueless on how to set up the blog but hey.. it didn't turn out so bad what... Just need to read instructions!! Clueless does not mean illiterate mind you.. So, what do bloggers do????? What am I suppose to write?? Well for now let me just bla bla bla... Emmm.. tough when u hardly ever open other people's blog and now trying to write one... Especially for someone like me who is not quite so verbal or open in sharing my inner feelings and thoughts.. But definitely very verbal in talking crap or other topics other than myself of course... HA HA HA.. Much prefer to keep my own thoughts and feelings bottled up.. Hence the sleepless night.. and the moodiness.. and lately the quick burst of irritation and anger at any slight.. Which obviously means that whatever I have been bottling up all this while is now demanding release... A volcanic eruption that can compete with MERAPI.. but no worries my friends, there will be no casualties.... YET!!!   ;-)

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